What is Motion Amplification (MA) ?

A non-contact measurement technology that utilizes high-speed cameras to capture over 2 million vibration measurements and videos in seconds. Videos are analyzed and amplified to visually show you vibration faults.

We show you what you can't see!

Visualization shows you faults NOT evident to naked eye. The videos are amplified to visualize machinery faults that might otherwise be difficult to detect using traditional methods.

Why is this beneficial? 
Because it's much easier to fix a problem when you can see it! 
It enables proactive identification and troubleshooting of issues before they escalate, thereby preventing costly downtime and repairs, and ensuring equipment performance and reliability.  

PRETECT MA Services includes:
Data and video acquisitions, detailed analysis by experts, and comprehensive reporting with MP4 videos, analysis and recommended repair actions to solve problems.

Motion Amplification recommend for:
Acceptance Testing | Commissioning | Predictive Maintenance (PdM) | Vibration Troubleshooting and Warranty

Rotating machinery | Elevator Hoists | Engines | Generators | Bases | Piping | Mounting Structures and other mission critical assets

Common Vibration Faults Detected:
Mechanical looseness | Imbalances | Misalignment | Structural Cracks | Piping Vibration | Soft Foot | Natural Frequencies and more!

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