Lines of Service

Independently Tested
  • Vibration Periodic
  • Monitoring
  • Advanced Vibration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Critical Speed Analysis & Programming
  • Isolator Load Deflection Testing
  • Advanced Coherence Testing
  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Alignment Verification
  • Isolation Verification
  • Air & Water Flow
  • Verification
  • Infrared Scanning
  • Ultrasonic Analysis
  • Motor Circuit Analysis
  • PreFunctional & Acceptance Testing of New & Rebuilt Equipment
  • Building Envelope Performance Analysis
  • Certified Harmonics Reduction Consulting
  • Remote Vibration
  • Monitoring

24/7/365 Emergency Service
  • VFD Preventative Maintenance
  • VFD Troubleshooting
  • VFD Motor Failure Analysis
  • VFD Harmonic Mitigation
  • VFD Application Design Consulting
  • VFD Installation and Repairs
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Precision Laser Alignment
  • Isolator Adjustments
  • Spare Parts Feasibility Studies
  • Mechanical Repairs, Rebuilds, and Parts
  • Vibration Switches & Sensor
  • Installation
Engineering Service
  • LEED/Enhanced Commissioning & Retro-Commissioning
  • Building Inspections—Life Cycle & Single Point of Failure Analyses
  • Forensic Engineering
  • MEP Emergency Response Services
  • MEP Project Management
  • Transition to Operations (Procedure Development & Training)
  • Arc Flash, Coordination, & Short Circuit Studies
  • Shut Down Scripts & Execution
  • HVAC & Refrigeration
  • Optimization and Controls
  • Steam Surveys & Jackets
  • LED Lighting & Controls Cogeneration
  • Sustainable Alternative Energy Consulting

Return on Investment

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Predictive diagnostics are proven to reduce maintenance costs over the long term. We can also quality control your PM program and advise how to improve it!

Optimize Energy Savings

Equipment that is running optimally uses less electricity. We tell you which equipment needs to be fine-tuned.

Reduce Unscheduled Downtime

If you know it’s going to happen, you can plan for it. No crisis. You have time to shop repair work, get alternative equipment online. Less stress!

Extend Equipment Life-cycle

By catching things in advance, your equipment will naturally last longer. We have been able to quadruple the useful life of equipment.

Eliminate Harmonic Disturbance

Where is that noise coming from?” Tenants hear and feel everything. Sometimes it’s coming from half way across the building or resonating through ductwork floors away! We specialize in isolating those persistent problems and “silencing them.”

Trend Performance with Metrics

By continuously monitoring equipment, you can start to trend mechanical performance and monitor key metrics to help you make decisions and implement new policies.

Mitigate Catastrophic Failure

Continuous monitoring on critical equipment can alert you to the potential for a major issue – before it happens.

Predict & Budget CapEx

Because you know which machines need treatment and what is wrong with them, you can set aside budget dollars in advance and methodically rehabilitate your facility over time.